Storage For Boats With Multiple Outboard Engines

Large boat with quadruple Mercury Racing outboard engines in dry rack storage

Using multiple outboard engines is becoming increasingly common on newer boats, including boats up to 50 feet in length, where triple or quad outboard configurations are the norm.

Find out why multiple outboard engines provide several advantages over I/O or straight inboard motors.

How to Remember Port & Starboard

View of boat bow from the helm

Home Many new boaters struggle with remembering which side of the boat is Port and which is Starboard. Captain Vinnie explains the easiest way to remember is by the number of letters in each word. Port, is the left side of the boat when facing forward. Both port and left have four letters, so P-O-R-T […]

Docking Into the Current (or Wind)

Aerial shot of a boat docking

A reader asks: “Can you give me a few pointers on docking with a cross current?”
That’s a great question, because no matter what body of water you are located in, the answer is the same…

Tying Your Dock Lines Right

Boat sunk at the dock

The length of the boat lines are important depending on the location of the dock cleats and pilings in relation to the boat cleats and boat position at the dock.