Hurricane Season Tips

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Hurricane Season Tips

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st, so keep an eye out on this page for hurricane preparedness tips. Today, we are talking about what to do before a storm. Being prepared is the best thing to do well before a storm hits. Most of these things can be done any time before.
1. Make a plan – Make sure you have a place to stay if you need to be evacuated or your home becomes unlivable. Also, make sure you make arrangements for pets, not every shelter allows animals.
2. Stock up – Make sure you have enough supplies for at least 3 days. Water is probably the most important item to have (one gallon per person per day), but don’t neglect nonperishable food, food for pets, and making sure you have any medications you need. Also, make sure you have flashlights, batteries, and a stocked first aid kit.
3. Getting fuel – It will be a madhouse. Over a decade of living in Florida has taught this writer that you need to get fuel as soon as possible if it looks like the storm is heading our way. Make sure the tank of your vehicle is filled.
4. Money (money) – Have cash on hand. After the storm, some places may not be able to take credit cards so have some cash handy.
5. Keepsakes – If you worry about damage to keepsakes (think scrapbooks, photos, journals) put them in water tight containers and keep them off the ground or in a fire proof safe.
6. Important documents – Review your insurance documents at least annually to make sure you know what you have coverage for and for how much. I would recommend having a digital copy of all of the documents, but keep the paper copies (and other important paper documents like your mortgage, health insurance information, titles, etc.) in water tight containers or in a fire proof safe.
7. Digital data and electronics– Make sure your digital documents are backed up and that your electronics are keep in secure dry places. If you think you will need to take them in case of an evacuation or emergency make sure they are charged and easy to find.
8. Clear out the yard – Make sure anything that is not secured to the ground is brought inside to keep them from becoming projectiles during a storm.
9. Hurricane shutters – Make sure they are in good condition near the beginning of Hurricane Season. If any repairs or replacements need to be made, try to have it done before you have to put them up.
10. Hurricane Storage– Make sure any items you cannot secure yourself for a hurricane has a place to go (i.e. hurricane storage for boats). Don’t wait until it is too late and either you can’t find a place, prices have gone up, or it is too hecti

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