Boat Painting, Waxing & Detailing

Boat Waxing, Detailing & Painting – Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

boat-painting-fort-lauderdale-floridaThe Florida weather can be harsh on your boat. Between the sun and the saltwater, your boat can appear drastically older than her actual age. Your boat can lose her luster and years off of her lifetime if she is not waxed and detailed on a regular basis. For tropical climates, like Southern Florida, this means you should schedule your boat waxing and detailing every six months.

Just like your car, keeping your boat clean is part of keeping it under maintenance. Waxing protects your boat by adding another layer between its fiberglass gelcoat and the environment. It also helps the fiberglass maintain its shine and keeping your boat looking brand new.

fort-lauderdale-boat-detailing-serviceAt Marina One we know how important boat waxing, detailing and painting is in lengthening the lifetime of your ship. That is why we only hire highly trained and experienced staff capable of getting the job done properly.

If you fear that your ship is past the point where just waxing won’t help, we can handle that too. If your gelcoat needs repaired, Marina One also offers fiberglass repair as well as professional boat painting.

If you subscribe to our boat storage, we professionally wash your boat every time and have it ready before you arrive for takeoff. We also rinse and scrub from rubrail down upon your return.