Boat Wash, Wax, Detail
& Gel Coat Repair

Complete Boat Detail & Gel Coat Repair

Just like your car, keeping your boat clean is essential maintenance. Waxing protects your boat by adding another layer between its fiberglass gel coat and the environment. It also helps the fiberglass maintain its shine and keeping your boat looking brand new.

If you have neglected this step, now is the time to act and have your boat hull compounded to remove the oxidized surface and seal it with a high quality wax.

Deep chips and gouges in the gel coat can wear away over time leaving your hull vulnerable to water infiltration. Gel coat repair is necessary to avoid this from happening. We can match gel coat colors so you won’t notice where the repair occurred and you will love the final look!

Schedule a complete detail and wax, or gel coat repair today!

Protect Your Investment


Florida weather can be harsh on your boat. Between the sun and the saltwater, your boat can appear drastically older than her actual age.

Your boat can lose her luster and years off of her lifetime if she is not waxed and detailed on a regular basis.

For tropical climates, like South Florida, this means you should schedule your boat waxing and detailing at least every six months.

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